Digital Music Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been online long enough, I am sure you’ve come across, or heard, of the website Tunecore.

Essentially, it is the cost-effective way for an independent artist to get their music EVERYWHERE and I mean that so much I had to yell it. We’re talking everywhere from Pandora to Google play.

I see plenty of people using the site with very little success once they acquire the service. The reason is that I feel they get overwhelmed by how many wheels turned once they pressed submit.

Let’s explore things a little deeper so you don’t find yourself in water too deep.

About Tunecore

Tunecore is the perfect place for independent artists who are trying to have their music in front of as many people as possible. They will distribute your music for an annual fee to all of the popular music outlets including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Music.

There are other places like Cd Baby that does the same but what makes them unique is their payment structure. You pay the nominal cost and you keep all sales that you make. This means that after a few album sales, you are profiting from your music not including your cost for creating it of course.

They also offer a publishing service in which they will collect on your behalf and even attempt to have your music placed with others like film and television.

You’d want to check their website for all fees that they charge but they are definitely not that expensive. Especially when you consider how much work it takes to communicate to all of the channels that they deal with.

Focus Will Keep You From Spreading Yourself Thin

When I explain a place like Tunecore, I always have individuals submitting music and pretty much waiting for their money to roll in. That is not how things work.

Consider the music being available at a store but you still need traffic to the store so that you can make money. You see, the good part about distribution is also the worst part.

Your music is in so many places that you have now formed a mall.

The tracks are in so many stores that one of two things end up happening. Either you sell a little over a lot of places to make good money or you go completely overlooked.

The best way to gain great results is to understand each store separately. This means knowing how popular the store is, how often it pays, as well as how much it pays the artist.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts

Now that we have the basics down, let’s talk about how to make the most money from your music. As of this writing, there are two places to focus your music efforts on and that’s iTunes along with Google Music.

These two pretty much are the way to go because of their charts and the fact that they are associated with smart phones. Apple for iTunes and Google Music for Android. By getting sales in these two places, you will gain more sales because of the popularity.

Of course, the other avenues will generate sales too but as far as driving traffic to a particular place, I would focus on these two powerhouses.

Now that goes for single and album purchases. As far as streaming, for individuals who have their music publishing set up which you should, I would have to go with Spotify. They also chart plays so the more plays you get, the better the odds of gaining a new fan as they tend to play what’s popular by others a bit more.

You are also able to get paid from the streams as well as sales because fans are able to make in app purchases.

One great technique that works very well is to create your songs in different mediums. A lyric video on YouTube as well as an official video can get you paid through YouTube’s Partner Program.

You can submit the lyrics to an article directory, something no one seems to do but it works, because this is a way to share a song with poem websites and other music sites. I’ve had sales just because individuals like the lyrics.

One last way that seems to get plenty of attention are videos that are animated. Though I haven’t given this a try myself yet, I have seen many independent bands go this route and they get plenty of views because it’s downright different and the most important thing to do to be successful is to stand out, right?

If making a living with your music is your goal, you really need to understand your rights and how they help to make you money.

When I say that I mean backend royalties, sync fees, mechanical royalties, and everything in between. Tunecore helps to simply the process of distribution and music publishing and I would suggest it to anyone who may be in need of those two aspects within their business.