How to Configure Your Strong DC

Did you happen to want to use Strong DC and did not know how to configure it so that you can download anything? Here are the steps necessary to your future so much easier.

1. Open Strong DC

2. File> Settings. (The “Settings” menu and added rapidly (up) in the form of icons representing a slate blue with one hand and a pencil / pen)

Opens a window where we see a menu on the left and right panel for settings.

3. General: The Nick, we write the following: [COUNTRY] [CITY] [ISP] USER / NAME, where PSI is the Internet provider (RDS, UPC, Romtelecom, etc.).
Here’s an example: [EN] [B] [RDS] John

There is no need to fill in the fields “Email” or “Description”

– Disadvantaged download directory: select the file / folder that will save downloads
– Unfinished download directly: select the file / folder that will save unfinished downloads.

5. Sharing: In this category you will need to share some files from your personal computer, files that can be downloaded by other users. For example: movies, music, software (not installed, kits). Hubs usually take into account the amount of share files look.
Also sharing category, we have:

– Upload slots: there must necessarily pass a no. more than 5 if you leave 0 (zero) will not be allowed to stay on your hubs that come. It’s about how many upload connections allow to be carried simultaneously on your computer to other users of DC, how much you can download the different files simultaneously. If you have a weak connection, upload traffic and consequently affects the speed at which you download files.

6. Hubs. To connect hubs must add that is where you will find addresses of users who download. For this follow these steps:
– View> Favorites hubs (or simply press Ctrl+F1)
– Opens a new window where you can add favorite addresses by clicking the New button.

To connect to a hub so I double click it. Each hub (network individual user) has its rules which have to respect not to be kicked out from the hub. To load automatically, with the DC hub or hubs that preferred you type “/ fav” (without quotes) in the menu dialogues hub respectively.