Searchmp3songs is Directory of Hindi Music, Songs, Hindi Mp3 Downloads is India’s most popular hindi mp3 song’s download site. Hindi is the most spoken language of India and it won’t amount to exaggeration if it is said that movies are a way of life amongst Indian populace. Most popular form of Hindi songs is movie songs. Hindi songs have continued to excite people of the country. Initial period of Hindi songs was more focused on lyrics and singing abilities.

With advent of technology, more and more instruments were used in songs which helped in creating better songs effects. Famous Hindi singers are, K L Sehgal, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle among others.’s Hindi music is a delectable mix of indigenous instruments and western instruments. Normally used instruments are, sitar, tabla, veena, sarod, sarangi, drums, violin, piano, mandolin etc.

you can download rock, pop, hip-hop, classical, folk, remixed versions on Hindi songs are also popular in other Asian countries. Ghazals are also quite popular amongst a large number of music lovers. is Directory of Hindi Music, songs, Hindi mp3 downloads. which offer free Hindi songs, new releases, free Hindi mp3, movie songs, cultural folk songs, tribal music, Hindi music downloads online, lyrics databases etc. Some sites listed below may offer them free while some may charge a small fee to register to download their songs or mp3s. Always read their terms and conditions. Feel free to suggest us good, clean song & legal music resources.

MP3’s have provided the means for people to compress their favorite songs at up to a 12 to 1 compression ratio without loosing the quality of the original recording. A song that would have been an unwieldy 50 megs in size, would compress into a neat little package coming in around 4 or 5 megs.

Origin of music, in India, according to legend, is traced to the shabdha brahma, Om. Indian music has strong connections with religious traditions and faiths. Innumerable compositions extolling the wonders and beautitude of the Supreme Being have been sung in Purandara Dasa padas, Tyagaraja kritis, Sadashiva Brahmendra tatva padams, Sufi recitations and Christian carols. In tribal societies, from birth to death, songs, dances and musical instruments are used to mark every occasion. The origins of classical music are also traced back to tribal tunes and songs.

There are two systems of classical music in India, the Carnatic and the Hindustani. Indian classical music is complex and rich with direct emotional appeal. Carnatic music is kriti based and saahitya (lyric) oriented, while Hindustani music emphasises the musical structure and the possibilities in it. For the not-so-hard-core classical music fan, Indian music provides the ghazals and thumris as light classical music. These are supplemented by folk music, bhajans and kirtans. Indian classical music is used for dance-dramas also.

Hindustani classical music in its present day form is the result of a long process of integrating many, diverse cultural influences in India. The impact of Moghul rulers on classical music was primarily through the introduction of Turko-Persian musical elements that distinguishes Hindustani classical music from its predecessor, Carnatic classical music. Carnatic classical music is more common in southern India. Historical roots of both Hindustani and Carnatic classical music traditions stem from Bharata’s Naatyashaastra (4th Century B.C.). The two traditions started to diverge only around 14th Century A.D.