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The Purpose of Gospel Music

Music does and always has played an important part in people’s lives. People have always used something to create music, as a means of entertainment. Music is not only an entertainment but also a way for people to relax and motivate and even worship.

Some think music and other forms of art are made for nothing but participating in it, whatever the motivation. Music can help you relax and concentrate and loud music can help raise the energy level when you are tired or to help set a particular state of mind such as meditation or worship..

Gospel music is set apart from other Christian music because of its message. Other music may simply be praising God, but this music praises God while telling about what he’s done.

Gospel music is certainly music with a purpose. It praises God and preaches the Gospel. Psalms 150 lists every major type of musical instrument and ends with, “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.” Gospel music gives every instrument and every voice the medium to obey that command. – “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord

Gospels are songs that talk about what the Lord has done in a person’s life. It may be about being saved, or how the Lord has blessed them, or about their trials and how the Lord helped them through it all. Gospel songs usually are very upbeat and/or are associated with the southern sounds of music.

The bottom line is that the purpose of this music is, at least tri-fold. It is to uplift and encourage the Body of Christ; preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music with the hope of bringing salvation to non-believers; and entertain all people with positive messages and values.

Music Director Devi Sri Prasad Biography and Filmography

Devi Sri Prasad, a well known music director in South Indian Film Industry is born on 2nd August 1982 in Vedurupaka, a small village in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh and later moved to Chennai along with his father & famous writer Satyanand.

Devi started his career as a musician with his debut album “Dance Party”. Later M.S.Raju has given him a chance to compose music for his film “DEVI” in 1999 which was a big success. But, he got into lime light with his next movie “Anandam” which was a tremendous hit at that time. From then, he never looked back.

Devi Sri Prasad also write lyrics for the songs he was composing such as “Vecha Vechaga in Vamsi, Premante Emitante in Anandam, Chaila Chaila in Shankar Dada MBBS” and so on…

He was a very big fan of “Maestro” Ilayaraja and a disciple of the renowned mandolinist, U.Srinivas who was also his Guru. He had a brother named “Sagar” who was also a singer. He sung a lot of songs in telugu, tamil, kannada etc…

Devi Sri Prasad Biography

Full Name: Devi Sri Prasad
Date of Birth: 2nd August 1982
Place of Birth: Vedurupaka, East Godavari District
Father: Satyanand [Famous writer]
Sister: Padmini Priya Sagar
Brother: Vidya Sagar [Singer]


Devi Completed his Schooling in Sir M. Venkata Subba Rao Boys High School, T. Nagar, Chennai. He studied up to BBA and learnt Mandolin under the guidance of U. Srinivas, famous mandolin player for 10 years. He was not so interested in Studies.

Awards He Won

* 2004: Filmfare Best MusicDirector in Telugu (“Varsham”)
* 2004: Santosham Best Music Director Award (“Varsham”)
* 2005: Filmfare Best MusicDirector in Telugu (“Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana”)
* 2005: Santosham Best Music Director Award (“Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana”)
* 2006: Filmfare Best MusicDirector in Telugu (“Bommarillu”)
* 2006: Santosham Best Music Director Award (“Jalsa”)

Devi Sri Prasad Filmography


Sye Ata
Namo Venkatesa
Aarya 2
Shankar Dada Zindabad
Oka Oorilo
Naa Alludu
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana
Shankar Dada MBBS
Thotti Gang
Navvutu Batakalira


Kutty [Remake of Aarya]
Kanthasamy [Remade in telugu as Mallanna]
Something Something

There are a lot of fans to Devi Sri Prasad including me who like his music. Another talent of Devi is his Dancing and Acting Skills which made him to become an actor. M.S.Raju, the famous producer is starring Devi Sri Prasad in his upcoming film. Devi is acting as well as composing music for the film. Hats Off to Devi and Wishing Good Luck in his acting career.

How to Find Music Production Jobs

Despite of tough competition to get break, the number of aspirants in entertainment and media industry is increasing at fast pace day by day.

This trend is because of glamour and money that attract youth the most. You want to live a glamorous life as well as want to earn a chunk of money, entertainment industry is, of course, the right field.

But you should also be ready to face the competition to enter this showy and affluent sector.

As it is really difficult to get the first job entertainment industry, you should be expertise in any particular area like music, singing, directing, acting and the likes. Do you want to get a job in the music business? If yes, then it might be a good decision, because there is much scope to grow. But at same time, it is hard to find a job with no prior experience. Also, there are only a few sources that provide information regarding vacancies in entertainment industry. You can access that source to get job for fresher in the music business.

To make the search for a job easy, first of all you should decide what type of career you are looking for in entertainment industry. This is the first step towards making a career in the field. Until you are done with this, it will be difficult for you to find a job of your dream. There are literally hundreds of jobs in entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Many of which will be quite lucrative and paying but it is advisable to find the one that you love, because it is very important that you enjoy doing a job if you want to go far ahead in your field.

There is vast scope in entertainment and media industry for career. You may start your career as a make-up artist, casting director, screenwriter, cinematographer or a film director, depending on your interest and skills. But professionals from music background are more likely to get the first job easily. Also, students of music can find jobs somewhere else like production houses, news channels, ad agencies and the likes.

With the advent of the internet, finding music production jobs has become a quite easier. Earlier, it was very hard for a student to find a job. For people having relatives or friends in the same music industry, it was easy to find a job. But for those who no such background, finding a job was more daunting than doing job itself. But this is not so any longer, with a number of websites where a number of jobs are posted on daily basis.

Music Directory Submissionthe Tool That Can Help You Succeed in The Music Industry

An aspiring band, songwriter’s and musicians always find themselves travelling on a difficult road to success.

We all know that it is not easy to become popular, and it is even harder if you do not know where to start your journey to make it in the music industry.

However, it is easier if you know where to go and which company can help you get wherever you wanted to go.

One of the best ways to get your talent and music accepted or know by the right people is to submit your music to a music licensing company, which offers free submissions for all individuals wishing to get their songs aired on radio or televisions. But first, you will need to find one that matches your need perfectly and you can do this through the help of a music directory submission.

In case you have no idea what is a music directory submission, then allow me to discuss it thoroughly in this article. A lot of people basically have no idea what does a music directory submission actually do, unless of course you are familiar with the many different services that are being offered online.

Music directory submission is just like what the name implies, and that is a directory that pertains or relates to the music industry. Herein, you can find many websites of professional firms, musicians, music sites, and even music licensing professional online.

It is technically a directory that compiles different websites that are all related to the music one way or the other, therefore in just a few minutes of searches you can find the name of the company who may be able to help you. That is right! No need to run around the street visiting each and every company that is listed on the local telephone directory, since most online company can already provide all the information you may need about them and in turn makes it easy for you to get to know them.

So for people like you and website owners it is a great tool that can help get two people in business. A directory that makes it easy for individual like you to connect with the right firm that can hopefully provide the break that you are looking for. Whatever you are in the globe, you can find the perfect one to assist you.

By the way, it is easy to get access to this kind of music directory submission. In fact, all you have to do is become a member to have free access to their entire listing and information regarding a particular company you may have in mind. In case you are wondering how these website were able get listed, well just like you they also become a member.

A website can submit their site to music directory submission either for free or paid submission. Some sites that allow reciprocal exchange of link do not have to pay, but others pays to be part of the listing to become accessible to people like you and other businesses.

Promoting Your Music Online

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever for new bands and artists to be discovered and to sell their music directly to fans. How do you get started and what’s the best way to promote your band? Here are some tips:

One of the first places you’ll want to visit is MySpace. By now, everyone has heard of it and millions and millions of people have their own accounts. But I bet you didn’t know that MySpace offers a special type of account just for promoting a band or artist? It’s called MySpace Music and it’s completely free to sign up. With this type of account, you can add up to 4 full songs to your account for people to listen to while they are reading your MySpace page. This alone makes a MySpace Music page worthwhile to set up, since getting people to listen to and discover your music is the main goal of most new artists. Include a link to buy your CD from your own website, iTunes or other music store and you’ve got a great way to increase sales.

If someone likes the music on your profile, they can add your band as a friend, which means they can get email notices when you add a blog or send out a bulletin. Blogging on MySpace is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience (friends), when your band has a tour coming up, an appearance, is working on new music or has any news of any kind, you’ll want to post it to your blog and keep your fans up to date. The more your communicate with fans, the more they will feel like a part of your community.

In addition, you can take advantage of a multitude of other options, including listing your influences, adding a picture gallery, adding full videos, adding banners and many other options.

Just be sure to log in often to approve new friends and to communicate with other members. There are also many MySpace Groups you can join where a message board is set up for members to communicate. Joining an emerging artist type group would help you to network with other new artists and even to promote each other, discuss new ways to get new fans, find someone to tour with or even to collaborate with.

Another essential step to promoting your music online is to have your own website. While MySpace is excellent, it’s best to have as many avenues of promotion as possible. It can be simple, with just a bit about your band and links to buy your album or it can be a major presence loaded with content. The more content you add and the more often you update your website and your MySpace profile, the better, as people will keep coming back to see your fresh content and news. Some elements to consider adding to your band’s website include biographies of the members, history of the band, news section, tour dates and appearance schedule, photos, music videos, sample songs to download, wallpapers, icons, ringtones, links to buy your album or merchandise, discography and anything else you want to let people know about. You’ll also want to link your website to your MySpace and vice versa.